• Chairperson

    Ting Hsiao-Ching


    Chairperson’s Message

    With much anticipation, Taiwan Cultural Content Agency has been officially inaugurated this year. This step symbolizes a new chapter in the development of Taiwan’s cultural contents industry.

    Culture reflects the values and lifestyle shared by a country and its people. Taiwan has rich and diverse culture, protected freedom of expression, and resilient democratic energy; this environment allows all kinds of creativity to be freely explored and realized. In the past, for a very long time, our creative freedom of expression was restricted, but Taiwanese culture thrived over the past thirty or forty years because of the dreams and passion of its people, allowing the seeds of cultural diversity to root, bud, and grow in this soil.

    However, we must admit, Taiwan’s cultural contents industry remains small and continues to fight without support, and the value chain and ecosystem of the industry remain fragmented; coupled with the rapid development of technology, the cultural contents industry now faces new challenges. Nonetheless, challenges also bring new opportunities.

    Many friends have asked me, why does TAICCA have the confidence to achieve what could not be done in the past? Taiwan is endowed with many advantages: quality talents, robust creativity, and sound ICT foundation, which have earned Taiwan the nickname, “Hidden Pearl,” from international media. Taiwan’s unique history, diverse culture, and natural landscape offer a wide range of exciting themes for creative minds to explore. To share more compelling stories with the rest of the world, the Ministry of Culture has developed many policy tools over the past three years, including the establishment of Taiwan Cultural Content Agency, formulating a blueprint for the ecosystem of Taiwan’s cultural contents industry that includes production, finance, environment, and distribution channels.

    On this sound foundation, TAICCA will continue to play the role of the accelerator in the future, helping creators and the industry in areas necessary, and become the platform for collaboration between the public and the private sector. The Agency will establish a team to provide professional services, and develop new promotion mechanism and working methods, to build a convenient and open service platform, in order to accelerate the process from great creative ideas to commercialization; through inter-departmental, cross-platform, and interdisciplinary integration, TAICCA bridges domestic industry with international trends, business intel, and markets to build a healthy and comprehensive ecosystem, establishing the national brand of Taiwanese contents, and boosting cultural economy.

    The journey ahead is perhaps full of challenges, but as long as the direction and methods are right, and that we march forward together with all our friends, we believe that the wind of freedom, and the sail of culture, will take us through the storms, and bring Taiwan to the world.


    Department of Philosophy, National Taiwan University


    Diverse experience from business to public media; rich practical and managerial experience in news, TV programming, and drama. Drove programming innovation, explored public issues, and won recognitions of major awards. Served in the public sector for three years in Ministry of Culture, and led a number of major projects in aim to boost the cultural content industry, and participated in the legislation of major cultural acts.

    Past experiences:

    Deputy Minister of Culture

    Director of PTS’s Program Department

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  • Supervisor
  • Kevin C.H. Peng

    Deputy Minister of Culture

  • Dr. Hsu Yu-Chin

    Deputy Minister of Science and Technology

  • Dr. Lin Chuan-Neng

    Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs

  • James K.J. Lee

    Secretary General of MOFA

  • Chou Ting-Chang

    Deputy Director-General of Tourism Bureau, MOTC

  • Chen Yue-Yi

    Director of Department of Cultural and Creative Development, MOC

  • Lin Chih-Hsien

    Counselor & Executive Director, Regulatory Reform Center National Development Council

  • Wu Juan

    Deputy Director of the National Communications Commission's Department of Broadcasting and Content

  • Du Yi-Jin

    Chairman of Taiwan AI Labs

  • Sandee Chan

    Music Producer

  • Huang Bor-Yi

    Chairman of Taiwan Business Bank

  • Chan Wei-Hsiung

    Cultural Critic

  • Wen Tian-Hsiang

    Chief Executive of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee

  • Pei-ni Beatrice HSIEH

    President, AICA-UNESCO(Taiwan) International Association of Art Critics

  • Liao Fu-Te

    CEO of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy

  • Mao Hao-Chi

    head of Copyright Division of the Intellectual Property Office at the Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • Lee Chiu-Yue

    head of Ministry of Culture's Department of Accounting