• History

    To promote the application of cultural content, and facilitate the development of cultural and creative industries, the Ministry of Culture referenced overseas professional model of intermediary organization and drafted the “Organizational Act of the Taiwan Creative Content Agency.” The bill was approved by the Executive Yuan and submitted to the Legislative Yuan for review on March 8, 2018.

    The “Organizational Act of the Taiwan Creative Content Agency” passed the third reading on December 25, 2018. After promulgation by the President on January 9, 2019, the Act came into effect on February 12, 2019, and was implemented by the Executive Yuan. The list of members of the First Board of Directors and Supervisors were officially approved by the Executive Yuan on May 28, 2019, and the first meetings of directors and supervisors were convened on June 17, achieving the milestone for the boosting of Taiwan’s cultural energy and cultural economy.

  • Vision/Mission


    Taiwan is endowed with rich cultural and natural diversities. Over the course of history, Taiwan has attained economic and political achievements and has seen the flourishing of stories originated from Taiwanese culture. Meanwhile, in response to the rise of the knowledge-based economy, as well as the ever-advancing technology, Taiwan’s cultural industries face the critical moment as they must keep pace with time and strive for innovation despite already experiencing robust developments.

    In 2019, the Ministry of Culture established the administrative institution of Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), hoping that, through the efforts of the intermediary organization, a cooperative mechanism across government departments, disciplines, and platforms can be built to integrate cultural, technological, and economic energies, facilitating the ecosystem of Taiwan’s cultural contents industry, boosting investment and innovative dynamics, and shaping Taiwan’s own cultural brand. Thus, Taiwan’s local culture can be promoted through diverse means to the world to further enrich the global cultural landscape by the introduction of Taiwanese cultural contents.


    1. Building a Professional Industry Support System based on Arm’s Length Principle:

      Adhering to the governing role of an intermediary organization, and fulfilling the arm’s length principle in its cooperation with the public and private sector, TAICCA aims to achieve the goal of building a professional support system for the cultural contents industry and to accomplish the public mission of nurturing the industries.

    2. Driving Innovation and Upgrade of Industries through Cultural Contents:

      With reference to global trends, TAICCA aims to facilitate the development and production of cultural contents through data and information, e.g. symbols, texts, graphics, colors, sounds, images and videos, by means of products and services of innovative technologies to drive the energies of interdisciplinary innovation and the upgrade of the contents industry that allows also for the development of related industries.

    3. Branding Taiwanese Contents, Reaching Out to the Global Markets:

      Maximizing the function of the collective platform of cultural contents industry, and adhering to the spirit of building a “national team,” TAICCA aims to integrate resources and strengths of the public and private sectors and build the national cultural brand, guiding professionals of the cultural contents industry to enter the global market and explore overseas business opportunities; by accelerating the process of reaching out to the global market, we aim at gaining more international exposures for Taiwanese culture, enhancing Taiwanese influences on a global scale through cultural soft powers.

  • Responsibilities:

    According to the “Organizational Act of the Taiwan Creative Content Agency,” the Agency’s primary objectives shall be:

    1. To conduct surveys, statistics, and researches on the development of cultural contents and related industries.
    2. To train professionals in cultural content-related industries.
    3. To support the development and production of cultural contents.
    4. To develop cultural technologies, technology transfers, and added-value applications.
    5. To invest in and seek diversified funding for the cultural contents and related industries.
    6. To expand the market for cultural contents and related industries and enhance international co-operation.
    7. To manage commissioned operations of facilities for cultural contents and related industries.
    8. To provide guidance for cultural contents and related industries in the area of copyright.
    9. Other matters related to the upgrading, development, and application of cultural contents.

    TAICCA’s objective is to prepare and enhance the contents industry support system and to establish effective facilitation mechanism within one year; to increase the overall quantity of productions within three years; to establish a national brand for Taiwanese contents and build up a solid international network of markets by the end of the 5th year. The key objective is to fulfill the professional role of an intermediary organization and build a complete ecosystem for the industry through the integration of various resources, interdisciplinary cooperation, and investments, establishing a strategic alliance that shapes a national cultural brand